Company overview

Got dirt? Need to get your home or office cleaned up? We at Poddar Mercantile can provide you with a whole range of trash bags, drawstring kitchen bags, carrier bags, garbage bags and much more, so that you can carry all the trash and dispose it off safely without any kind of dirty spill. Our bags are designed with elegance, built to last long and made for any use. Choosing a right trash bag for your home and outdoors will help you keep your home and environment clean. There is a whole bunch of trash bags and kitchen bags to choose from here at Poddar Mercantile. There are carrier bags and biodegradable garbage bags, which are known to decompose easily. We also have other high-density carry bags that can bear more weight. Our bags come in different shapes and sizes. The size and the shape of the trash bag, depends mostly on the size of the trash can.

Our trash bags can be used for daily household waste including kitchen waste, dry waste, and bio-waste and also be used for other purposes. Thickness and strength of the trash bag is also a ruling factor that would determine which bag would be best to solve your purpose. Our bags are durable enough to hold quite a load of waste. It is also resistant to heat, water and chemicals we also have low density bags that helps collect yard waste, metal scraps, sharp objects and other items that can be carried in the bags. For any kind of high density waste removal, you can choose high-density options. Our bags are quality tested and built to last long without any wear and tear.