Our Facilities

Strategically located in Howrah, which is between Kolkata and Haldia ports, our factory is based in the Sankrail Industrial area. At our 50,000 sq ft facility, we house some of the best inventory and highest skilled workforce in the region, giving us a competitive edge over other manufacturers in the market. We have invested in top-class inventory such as robotic palletizing systems, auto-loaders, and batch mixers. To maximize output, we also use 4 loading and unloading bays to ease the work done by our employees.

Our main production area is equipped with 6 monolayer plants to produce polymer films. With 13 multilayer plants and a 3-layer automatic plant, our output generation has significantly increased over the years, currently producing a whopping 750 metric tons a month compared to 15 metric tons a month in the past.

We have made alliances with leading Taiwanese and European manufacturers to bring in bag-making machines to facilitate the premium production of high-quality drawstring bags.

The vicinity also includes an in-house pollution-free plant along with a recycling station to keep wastage at a minimum. With regards to quality, we have a testing lab set up to ensure all our products are manufactured using the parameters set in place.


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